Awards winning photographer

Ranked #6 Worldwide and #2 France by WPJA AG 

2nd best Artistic Wedding Photographer in France and 6th Worldwide by WPJA Artistic Guild.

WPJA Artistic Guild

For the first time this year, I decided to enter the WPJA (Wedding Photojournalist Association) Artistic Guild contest. 

This year-long contests focuses on awarding artistic imagery taken during real wedding days. Only the pictures taken during the current year can be submitted. 

Beyond displaying a documentary style, the WPJA selects and recognizes an artistic, poetic and sensitive vision of the photographer. 

Below are the pictures that have been rewarded this year. 

Just so you know:

- Gold medal: picture has been selected by all 4 judges
- Blue medal: picture has been selected by 3 judges out of 4
- Purple medal: picture has been selected by 2 judges out of 4
- Green medal: picture has been selected by 1 judge + WPJA Staff

#1 Engagement photographer in Bordeaux (WPJA)

Best Engagement photographer in Bordeaux

WPJA's Diamond Awards

The WPJA also delivers Diamond Awards for the best Engagement photo session pictures. 
Below are some of the winners of 2023. 

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